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Useful packing tips

Man packing lampsOne of the best ways to not get overwhelmed by house removals is to start planning in advance. With enough time in hand you can manage everything, from making sure that you stick to your removals budgets to contracting the best Birmingham moving companies. One of the easier, but no less important, tasks that you can start attending to is that of packing your things. When you are hiring packing and removal services you don’t have to do anything yourself. With West Midlands removals and packing service you don’t need to lift a finger and the professional movers UK will take care of everything.

However, if you want to save some money on house removal costs with your local Birmingham man with van services or you would just like to get a little bit done on your own, we have some great packing tips for you. These will come in handy whether you’re planning national removals or international removals from Birmingham!


Planning and inventory

The first step to efficient packing is in planning. As all local house removal companieswill attest to, you can’t really start packing until you know what you own, what you want to pack when, what order you want to move ahead in etc. From the newest to the most experienced house moving companies, everyone believes in the power of planning. Make an inventory of all your possessions and make  your removal process much easier. Categorise your belongings into items that can be packed away now, items that you will pack closer to the date of the removals and things that will have to wait until the very end. Creating a timeline will give you some direction.


Packing methods and techniques

Woman taping boxesThe next thing to decide is the way you want to pack. Some kind of packing pattern or scheme will help streamline the process. Most removal men recommend packing room by room. Since the kitchen and the bathroom are the most essential rooms in the house you can leave these for the end. A room-by-room packing scheme will make it easier on you when you start unpacking later and all the boxes are thematically labelled and arranged.

If you’ve got any damp items like dirty laundry or towels that haven’t dried out properly, keep them in a separate box and ideally, pack them in a plastic bag before putting them into the packing box. Damp things can lead to moisture deposits and fungal growth and can really ruin your packing boxes. If you want your moving boxes to last longer and the things inside them to stay safe, avoid exposing them to the elements.


Avoid damages with proper packing

Woman packing fragile stuffIt is tempting to pack moving boxes to the full, but you should avoid stuffing them. Even if you do get them to shut and seal with tape, you will be running the risk of the boxes coming apart at the seams. You can incur a lot of loss and damage like this, and UK moving professionals recommend packing sensibly and using extra boxes if needed.

For long distance removals, like removals to Europe or overseas shipping, you must focus on layering and cushioning when you are packing. Make sure you use filler materials like packing peanuts and crumpled balls of old newspaper to fill up any loose spaces inside packing boxes. You can use sheets of old newspapers and towels as base layers for moving boxes. Most of West Midlands shipping firms also recommend wrapping delicate items individually in sheets of bubble wrap. Since long journeys are more exposed to risks, going the extra mile can really help you keep your things safely packed.

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