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Antiques care tips

How to care for wooden anqituesFor most of the antique owners taking utmost care of their valuable itesm is very crucial to them. For those who have inherited a collections, yet do not really have any knowledge about caring of their collectibles as they should be. With proper care for such items, they will be able to benefit themselves in the future, as not just can they be passed to their family or friends, but also they can be sold at a much higher price in the future if needed.

Following are some of the vital tips that you must take into account to better care for your collectibles and antiques. You can also find some packing tips if you are moving antiques, either on your own or with help of professional West Midlands removal companies.


Glass and porcelain antiques

Take care for porcelainFirst of all,  you have to take care of the pottery, porcelain or glass antiques. All such items you should wash separately so you can avoid any kind of damage. Remember to wash them with warm water and never with cold or hot water using a soft bristled brush and a gentle cleaner. Never insert your antique porcelain, pottery or glass in the dishwasher. Also, let every item to dry and do  not make use any cloth to dry or clean them.

Now, you need to take into account the steps, as to how you should be displaying to packing your collections, especially when moving antiques. If you have children at home or usually your home is visited very often by your friends, you have to ensure that your collections are stored safely far away from the primary flow of main paths in your home. It is important that you do not put your entire collection on the shelves, as it would just take a small vibration to occur whether done accidentally or someone knocks them down, making you lose your precious collection.


Antique rugs

Rolling rugf you have antique textiles and rugs, you must know how to take care of them. Especially, when you are moving antique stuff, your textiles or rugs require special care of your Birmingham removals team members. Damages can occur very easily while you are moving antiques as the materials they are made up from are fragile and therefore they should be moved with the utmost care and slowly as well. If you going to hire local Birmingham man and van team, make sure that while  rolling up a valuable rug, the piles of the rug are outward facing as it will prevent all kinds of damages or crushes were made to the item. Moreover, you can have the item packed using an acid free paper, close it and tie it securely.

Feel free to vacuum the textiles and rugs, but make use of very low settings and take additional care while you are hoovering as you would not prefer to end up with too strong suction and making the fibres of the rug to be pulled apart. In case you have anything spilled on the rug, you can put the kitchentowels underneath and change them so no more liquid come out of the rug. However, if further cleaning is needed, you can get in touch with the cleaning experts so that they can clean the rug correctly without damaging it. Do not make your antique textile or rug directly exposed to either humidity or sunlight.


Antique furniture

If you have been collecting antique furniture, you have to ensure that you dust it frequently by making use of a soft cloth. If you have wooden antique furniture, you should wax it frequently with some good bees wax and you should avoid placing the furniture in bright lights or into rooms that experience over normal changes in temperatures or even humidity, as it can damage the items. While you are moving antique furniture, ensure it is done with the utmost care and should never be dragged, but properly lifted.

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