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Avoid hidden moving costs

Estimate total moving costsRelocation happens to be a stressful experience, but when you are using professional Wolverhampton removals services, it tends to be expensive too. As a small apartment relocation across the town may only charge you £100 or less, a 5 bedroom home relocation across the region can easily top £1,000 or more. With this amount of money involved, it is just great to be well aware of any surprise charges that may be added to your final removals total, and to prepare for them either by budgeting for them beforehand or simply avoiding them altogether.

In this post, you will be provided with some ways on how to avoid extra costs when moving and some great ways to tackle them. Knowing about these aforementioned potential surprise charges should put you in a good condition to bring down your relocation costs to an absolute minimum. All the best for your move!


Getting fixed price

Getting price for moving homeIt may be too late for you to file a dispute against these surprise charges once the movers have delivered your goods, in that most services insist on being fully paid before they move a piece of furniture or a single box into your new place. Ensure you acquire a complete quote delivered to you in advance and have all the fees mentioned specifically. It’s good to looking for moving firms offering free survey during which estimator will check the total volume of your move, specify services required and finally give you a fixed price.


Accessorial Charges

Some of the moving services tend to group several different fees together into a single category rather than listing each of them, which makes it very complex to dispute. Such services could comprise of a different things, including the packaging, unpacking, furniture re-asembling, additional stops at the storage units for delivery or pack up, keeping your movers waiting and many more.

To avoid this charge, you need to schedule your relocation ahead of time, eradicate all the unwanted services, and call the movers once you are ready for the move.


Advance Fees or Charges

Moving contractThese are the charges which the moving services pay for the third party in advance for their services. For instance, the Wolverhampton man with van may require additional help like a professional workman who can disassemble mantle or move a grand piano. Other example is when you shipping overseas, most of Wolverhampton shipping firms use third party services in your destination country. As movers will be paying on your behalf, you need to reimburse the movers.

To avoid these additional charges, you need to take care of any related services in advance before the moving services arrive. If needed, you should pay the third parties directly. If no such assistance is required, you will save confusion and time on the relocation day and will also bring down the markups the moving service is charging you for.


Appliance Service Charges

If you require your moving service to either disconnect electrical appliances from your current place or reconnect them at your new place, they may charge you for this activity.

There are two basic solutions for these charges – either you can negotiate with them or arrange someone on your own who knows what they are doing and will manage the entire activity on your behalf.


Auxiliary Service

This is generally “moving speak” for the fact that the moving services cannot easily get their moving vans near your old place either because there is not enough clearance for large trucks or parking issues. It may need the moving service to use smaller trucks and then transport your items to a bigger truck.

If parking is the potential issue, you are required to make necessary arrangements beforehand. Nevertheless, if your home is located with a long as well as narrow driveway, for instance, you perhaps have to negotiate on this one.

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