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Living in Coventry

Living in CoventryCoventry is one of the most popular destinations amongst people planning removals in West Midlands. Coventry is an excellent place for both business and individuals. This is known for its attractive gardens and parks with the right option of dining and shopping facilities. Other business establishments and even places of accommodation are just very near with each other. As for investors, Coventry is also an excellent option. Coventry is such a magnificent and attractive city that will certainly capture everyone’s heart.


History and culture

Coventry has rich culture and tradition. Even if it is already a metropolitan, old landmarks are still intact and of the attractions in the city. According to history, the industrial status of Coventry is one of the main targets of Luftwaffe during the World War II. After the war, even if most of the structures of Coventry have destroyed, which has resulted into a planned garden, walking streets and parks, there are still old structures left.

St. Michael's CathedralIt has been said that the city is one of the places that Lady Godiva has lived during the 11th century. The statue of Lady Godiva can be found in Cathedral Lanes Shopping Center. Every June, a festival takes place to commemorate her stay in the city.

St. Michael’s Cathedral is also one of the attractions in the city. This church is located next to the old cathedral’s ruins. The forlorn ruins include its outer wall, spire and tower.

Other notable historical delights in Coventry are Saint John the Baptist Church, Old Bablake School, Ford Hospital, Priory Cottages and Holy Trinity Church. Walking at Spon Street is also very rewarding as it is located in the historic past of the city.

Visiting the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is one of the best places in the city for you to learn the rich history of Coventry. By this way, it will allow you to see the unique displays from the past. By this way, you will have a glimpse of the history of the city. Museum of British Road Transport is an excellent place to visit if you are interested to learn the transport history of Britain.


Coventry entertainment

After visiting the historic sites and museums, you will learn that Coventry also has great entertainment. If you love watching plays and musicals, the SkyDome, Criterion Theatre and Belgrade Theatre are the perfect spot. Warkwick Arts Centre is a nice place to visit for you to see some of the exquisite artworks, artifacts and relics. If you want to experience unique nightlife in the city, there are also several cafes, pubs, clubs and nightclubs located in the Downtown Coventry.


Public transport in Coventry

National Express public transport in CoventryLiving in Coventry would not be a problem because you will able to get in and get around easily. The transportation in Coventry is not a problem because the city has several transportation options from road to rail. The city is also linked with numerous connections in the country through National Express coaches. This is also an ideal place for kids for the reason that there are schools, parks and playhouses. This is definitely an ideal place to look if you wanted to live in a peaceful location.


Accommodation and housing

Another interesting about Coventry is the places of accommodation. The hotels in Coventry range from small accommodations to large and five star hotels. There are also several conferencing facilities in Coventry, which is applicable for conferences, seminars and meetings. 

No matter the reason for moving, whether If you are planning removals to Coventry because of work or looking for a crime-free place, it is a perfect spot for you to go. This is because the price of the properties is just very affordable. This will give you the chance to obtain a property. 

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