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Stay in touch with friends after moving

Stay in touch with friendsMoving away from home separates you from your friends, former colleagues, loved ones and even family members if you move alone. Though, it provides you the opportunity of making new friends, yet you will still miss your old friends. They play important roles at a particular time in your life, so you are likely going to miss them. A good idea is that a week before the move, you can organize a goodbye party. If you move far away from home, you may find it difficult to maintain contact with some of your close friends. But you can always stay in touch with them if you want. If you do not you move to the other end of the world, you may from time to time visit your friends. Thing is more complicated if you just hired Coventry shipping company because you are moving overseas, to Australia, USA or New Zealand. Here are some tips to help you maintain contact with your friends when your are planning Coventry house removals.

It is important that you write down the phone number of your close friends, colleagues, family members and people that matter in your life who you will like to maintain contact with. This is very important to enable you call them anytime you want. Don’t just collect their numbers or contact information, you have to make use of them. Call them as soon as your moving team has completed its work. Share your experience, tell us how was the move, pass first impressions on the new area, report if hired Coventry man with van team did not disappoint your expectations.

Give them a call as often as possible. Anytime it is possible for you, just pick your phone and phonebook and then call them. You must not talk for a long time over the phone with a friend. 2 or 5 minutes occasional call is good and will help you to maintain contact with them. Such a call will make your friends to be happy and feel that you have not forgotten them.


Send them mails, texts and emails

MailboxGetting an email or mail or text messages from a friend who have moved away can create some feelings of happiness. Imagine how your friend will feel to open her or his mail box and find a letter from you. Take the pain to write few lines for your friends. If you cannot send them mails, you can send them emails and text messages especially during certain special celebrations or moments in their lives.


Send them postcards

You already know the birthdays or anniversary of some of your friends. Sometimes, it will be good to send them postcards during such celebrations of important events and moments in their lives. Surely, they will be happy to receive a card from a friend who are no longer living with them. Sending them post cards is a good means of maintaining contact with them after moving far away from home.


Online IM and social media

Use twitter and facebook to contact friendsThe internet has made it possible for people not to feel the pain of separation and to maintain serious contact with their loved ones even when they are not physically available. So, you have to take advantage of the internet in keeping contact with your old friends. There are a number of IM platforms and social media that will enable you to keep communicating with your friends. You have to make use of these means. You can keep chatting with your friends through Skype, Gtalk and via other IM platforms.

The social media provides good channels of maintaining contact with your friends after moving far away from them. You can share a lot of experiences including photos and videos with your friends via such social media as Facebook and Twitter. So, add your friends and make sure that you chat with them as often as you can. Share photos taken in your new destination with them. Ask them also to send you their own pictures.

Make your conversation with them very informal. Crack jokes and ask after friends and people you know. There is the tendency for you to wait for your friends to make the initial move or keep the communication going. Once you are free and they are available online, you can initiate the conversation.


Keep them informed about your success and breakthrough

One of the ways of keeping in touch with your friends after moving away from them is to share experience and good tidings with them. Write them to inform them that things are moving as planned. If you are moving for a job, let them know as soon as you get a new employment or better offer. Keep them up to date. Remind them of important moments in your lives. In this way, you will be able to maintain communication and keep in touch in with them.

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