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Moving brings many challenges to our live. Sometimes it is caused by buying a new flat in West Midlands area or building a new house, sometimes it's because of job changing that needs change place of living. At the beginning it may seem that moving doesn't bring any difficulties. In reality it can be seen in different perspective. That's why it's crucial to plan everything in advance. Preparing special schedule for that may be really helpful in action. It's necessary that this schedule will contain not only time of doing special activities but also every decision about any important moving cases.


Moving date

Pick up moving dateFirst step that we have to take into consideration is choosing between moving by our own and renting special Birmingham removal companies. If our belongings are not too huge, we can relocate them on our own or with help from friends of us. However, if there's need for transferring huge goods and furnish a big house then hiring Coventry man and van team or even removals company seems to be necessary. It's important to mark date of moving in our schedule. We should plan it for the day that there won't be any problem with hiring moving vans and the price for that wouldn't shock us. The thing is that most people think about moving in the end of the month, and they hiring West Midlands moving companies in weekends. That's a rule because people prefer to move when they have day off. Unfortunately for us those days are almost every time busy. The best solutions is to plan and books everything in advance, even better idea is to have it done in different, not so busy days. Moreover choosing Sunday for a day to move can brings much more expenses than any other days during the week. Undoubtedly that's a good way to save some money. We have to precise the moving day to hire moving company and let them know about every detail connected with relocating goods. Sometimes it might be that piano or some fitness appliance that is fragile and they will have to be careful when moving.


Packing list

Checkbox listWe should start packing all belongings in advance (at least one week before moving) to have everything done in a move day. You should be aware that if you decide to do the packing on your own, moving company doesn't suffer the consequences of goods packed wrongly. That's the reason why we should take care of proper packing. Moreover marking moving boxes with tiny things may turn out very helpful when we'll be unpacking them.

Just before the day when we and our belongings  arrive to the new place, it's necessary to plan unpacking goods and furnishing our home. In a case when a specialist is needed to install kitchen appliances we have to hire him in advance. Planning every moving task can help us to avoid mistakes when moving to the new place and organize everything from the beginning. The most important thing is that we're sure that we didn't skip any task.


Things to do before moving

Moving documentsDuring our move period it's necessary to get to know when we would be able to get the keys to our new apartment (in situation when we didn't build our house by our own). We should get the keys the day before move date to avoid problems. We always have to pay off all bills. It's good to write down them all in our schedule, as each of them may have different day of payment. We should bear in mind that it's obligatory to visit offices to change previous address. When it comes to parents they're also obliged to change children's schools and find them one in a new neighbourhood. To run all those errands takes time and it's necessary to have everything planned. Our schedule turn out to be really helpful in that situation not to skip any task.

Transferring goods is a one thing, second one is to transport all members of family. If it's possible to use our own car or at least friends' of us then we don't have to worry. But, if there is a need to use any other means of transportation such as a train, a bus or a plane then we have to book the tickets.

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