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Moving furniture in Birmingham

Lifting sofaJust imagine your favorite leather couch all scratched with a deep cut in the middle, or dents and scratches on the expensive desk after a failed removals. These are not pleasant images, especially if we take into account the fact that for the purchase of the furniture you have spent a lot of money. By following the tips we have prepared, using the advice and experience of best West Midlands removal companies, you will be able to carry the furniture without damage or loss, whether it be office furniture or furniture from a private home. There are a few sensitive moments during the move when the furniture are particularly vulnerable to damage - when carrying furniture, loading and unloading and during the transportation process.

Tables, couches, cabinets, bookcases, dressers, kitchen cabinets are the heaviest, and take up a lot of space. Therefore, when trying to raise and carry the furniture out of the apartment, without disassembly, in the state in which they are in our homes, the first damages occur. So let's stop for a moment and remind ourselves in what form furniture goes into our home or office. Of course! In parts - flat packed! If you cannot disassembly your furniture on your own, you can ask Birmingham house removals firms to do it, they have knowledge and experience and know how to care for anitques or other furniture.

How to move furniture?

Safety during moving furnitureThe first rule of transport furniture - disassemble everything that can be removed. Unscrew the legs of tables and chairs. Remove the shelves of chests of drawers, unscrew door of shelves, night tables, cabinets. Disconnect parts of the sofa corner. Pulled out from underneath the couch containers should be separated from the main structure.

The second rule of transport furniture - pack, wrap and secure everything suited for this. Unscrewed the legs, doors and other parts need to be wrapped with bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard. Soft parts of chairs, sofas, armchairs can be also wrapped with the foil, but it would be best if you put them in large plastic bags. Mirrors or glass furniture components you need to wrap with bubble wrap. Sofas, chairs, chests of drawers it’s also good to wrap with bubble wrap or stretch film, but taking into account the size of the furniture, you'll need a lot of such a film! Instead of bubble wrap you may optionally use the old blankets, tablecloths or curtains.

The third principle - to transport the furniture needed is specially designed vehicle, and not the trailer and not the normal car or delivery van.  If your furniture are very heavy you can consider to hire Wolverhampton man with van. Before you start looking for Birmingham van hire firms, check how big vehicle you may need. Measure all the furniture, and then add to the dimensions 10-15cm "reserve" on the packaging, protection and attachment in the car. Volume of the cabinets, bookcases, chests of drawers, couches, etc is calculated by the following formula:

volume = length x width x height

Summarize the volume of all the furniture and the obtained number is the minimum cubic capacity of the vehicle, which will be needed to transport furniture. Also check which item is the longest, highest, and which is the widest and save its dimensions. This is necessary to avoid the situation that your grandmother's antique wardrobe does not fit to a rented van. For the transport of the furniture most suitable are Luton vans - vehicles with container body, flat wooden floor, straight walls and furniture straps for fixing.

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