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One week before removals

In the last week before the scheduled date of removals will be very busy. There are still plenty of things to do and you do not know where to start? Don’t worry, all you have to do is create an action plan for each day of the week, what will allow you to avoid mistakes during removals. Check out a few important facts that you should pay attention to in the last week before your moving day.

Make inventory

FloorplanMake a plan of a new home. Think about which furniture and things you want to take with you, where you set them in a new home. Consider whether you will have enough space. Moving is often a good excuse to get rid of unnecessary items, replacement of worn furniture and other appliances for new ones. Find out if all the furniture that you plan to take 'pass' through the door, fit in the elevator, on the staircase. It is better to be aware of what you will need to dismantle and what kind of tools you will need.

A few days before the move, start inventory of your possessions. If you are planning to hire Birmingham removals company, such a list will help determine the final cost of the move.

A few days earlier, it is good to organize things in the basement or garage. Think about what things you need to take, and which you can give to friends or to charities. Other items you no longer need, you can dispose of. Less items to move – cheaper price from Coventry removal companies.

You can also clean sofas and furniture so that in the new apartment can immediately use them. Remember that in the last week you shouldn’t  buy too much food and do not fill the fridge with  articles with a long shelf-life. Rather, try to successively empty the fridge of the food. On the day before the move you need to defrost the freezer. Both devices prior to shipment should be dry and ventilated. Remember that fridges and freezers should always be transported in an upright position!

Organize packing materials

Think about what kind of packaging and protective materials you'll need. Collecting the right amount of cartons of different sizes should begin well in advance. You may need:

  • Stretch foil
  • Bubble-wrap foil
  • Packing paper
  • Brown tape

Packing on your ownIf you need, hired moving company or Coventry man and van team will provide you with boxes and all materials for securing personal belongings and furniture for the duration of the move, but definitely it will be cheaper to take care of this yourself.

Packing all kinds of equipment and small items usually takes the most amount of time, so you should spread this activity for a few days. Securing and preparation for transport, you should start with the things that are least needed every day. On the last day before the actual move, should remain only a single items to pack.

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