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Removals are a complicated process. As such, any mistakes you make can magnify and multiply and become a much bigger problem than you ever expected. The smallest things can spread and trouble other areas which were otherwise issue-free. Below is a list of commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them. Constant vigilance is the only way to overcome all issues, but remember: no move is ever entirely problem free and everything can be overcome. That said, a perusal of the below will allow you to consider some areas which you may not have previously been concerned about.


Pay attention when you're looking for removals

Man looking for moversWhen searching online, make sure to take extra care over spelling. While most search engines will auto-correct your mistakes, when typing in a URL or specific search term, you could end up at the wrong site entirely. This could lead to mistakes of miscommunication and even going as far as to hire the wrong Coventry removals company. Likewise, if a company’s spelling is consistently not up to scratch, it may be worth considering their legitimacy as a professional outfit. If you spell "Removels" firms instead "removals" it will be less trustworthy than your standard London Removals companies.

In a similar manner, it is also worth paying close attention to the details. A minor mishap over a ‘’ and a ‘ could lead to a genuine mistake with regards to feet or inches. If considering the size of a property, or whether you will have enough space for a certain item, this could prove costly. Double checking all communications and addressing any minor misunderstandings or mistakes will allow you to nip these kinds of issues in the bud and hopefully avoid a more calamitous situation down the line.

One of the common mistakes is also a bad choice of the service provider to the size of the move. In the case of 4 - 5 bedroom house removals, hiring Coventry man and van team may not be the best choice, and finally cost more due to, for example, the necessity of double runs.  So if you are wondering how to find a good removal company, you should first estimate the size and complexity of your move, and then compare at least a few companies.


Packing in advance

Youg couple moving homeOne of the most often made mistakes when moving house in Birmingham is to leave packing to the last minute. While it may be tempting to leave yourself full access to each and every one of your possessions, packing can often take much longer than you anticipate. Check some packing guides in advance what will allow you to pack away your items in an intelligent manner, you will be able to make the process as smooth as possible. Try to pack up all of the least used items first, leaving the essentials until last. Then, in the new property, simply work in reverse. You don’t want to find yourself rushing on moving day and having to pack without the full care and attention required. Likewise, don’t pack too early, or you may have to unpack if you need a specific item. Consider each piece individually, with regard to how often you use it and how likely you are to need it in the coming days/weeks/months.

Boxes can often be left unlabelled. While this may not appear to be a tricky concern – they’re still all your possessions, they’re only going to go to your house – it will make the unpacking much more difficult. Knowing the contents of a smartly packaged box will allow you to move it straight to the relevant area and not have to put it in the kitchen, only to move it to the bedroom later on. It will also be important in case you need quick or emergency access to any particular item. The last thing you need in a punch is to be unpacking endless boxes because you can’t figure out which contents are where.

The final piece of advice is less a mistake and more of an opportunity which is often overlooked. Before you begin to unpack, take the chance to give a thorough clean to your new property. It will be unlikely that you will ever have the home in such a naked manner ever again, so now is the perfect opportunity to start on the right foot with a sparkling home. You could even hire a professional to clean the place before you move in.

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