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Moving company liability

Contract documentEvery transport company before the doing the job must sign in contract of carriage with the obligations and right of a carrier and person ordering the move. The proof of such agreement should be bill of lading confirmed by the removal company. The moving firm is obliged to deliver goods from collection address to destination place using vehicles appropriate to the carriage and transport the consignment on time and in undamaged condition. Hiring professional moving company can guarantee easy removals.


Liability Insurance

Removal company is liable with all its assets for the loss or damage to any goods during the move and should inform customers how such liability and compensation will be assessed and paid. This is why it is so important for the carrier to have good liability coverage. Having such protection customers can be comfortable about that removals insurance will compensate for, replace or repair any damaged or lost their goods.


Scope of protection

Insurance covers the removal services at each stage, from the packaging to transportation (both domestic and international), until the completion of services such as delivery and unpacking of goods. The insurer will cover the costs of:

Broken kitchen stuff

  • any goods damage,
  • stolen goods,
  • any household equipment loss,

There is always the possibility of additional insurance for extremely valuable items of the requested amount. Such additional insurance is offered by the company executing the move, so that the customers do not have to seek additional insurance on their own

Professional companies give up to 3 days after the completing the job to express any objections and comments to the service, as well as to the condition of transported goods. Thus customers have a time for quiet checking their belongings, without having to check everything in a hurry. For professionals firms comfort and customer satisfaction is the most important.

Please note that by opting to hire man and van driver you will have to insure your stuff on your own, because smaller companies offering cheap removals usually are not insured. If you want to avoid such duties it is better to contact well-known company offering a high quality removal services. No matter what is the reason for selecting moving firm you should always consider fully insured providers.

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